A Day at El Bulli, Ferran Adria

I am astounded, amazed and in awe of the genious of Ferran Adria, head chef of El Bulli.  Last night I went to a lecture at the State Theatre in Sydney where he gave a talk, to launch his book.  The stunning video presentations of the intricacy of his art blew everyone away. And it’s astonishing that when set to music – you can truly see how food moves him and now us.

The amazing story of El Bulli is set out in his new book.  It’s a work of art, and the most beautiful book I’ve ever seen.  At a price of A$75, you get 2.5kg almanac of the essence of El Bulli – behind the scenes from its beautiful location, to the 12 hour shift of the staff and the detailed work that goes into the 35 course meal.

I envy you who live overseas who can go! Otherwise, I will have to be content to read and dream. And dare to try even a few of the recipes in the back? 

What was truly surprising was Ferran Adria’s humbleness. So great a status among the food world could bring on such an ego as to not engage fans of his work.  When approached for a signature in my book, he indicated and showed me that he had in fact already pre-signed all 1700 copies for each audience member who had it. A  truly great chef willing to share all his ideas…and document it for all to see, so that all may share his passion.

Buy it from Amazon.com – it’s only US$32.57!