Almond and white chocolate macaroons

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I made these from the 2005 spring edition of Donna Hay magazine. Sooo fiddly – allow yourself at least an hour and a half (more if you’re like me and start cooking without all the ingredients so need to pop out to the nearest rip off convenience store).  I filled them with pink coloured white chocolate. They look a bit like baby hamburgers, don’t they? Maybe with a bit more practice I can get them to look like the Lindt delice! :)

4 Responses to “Almond and white chocolate macaroons”

  1. mushiejc Says:

    yum! these look really good! but not good for my calories i can imagine all the butter

  2. FoodieChat Says:

    No butter at all! But yes to calories – half icing sugar, half almond meal with a bit of eggwhite to bind it together :) Oh – and the chocolate hehehe.

  3. michael leorem sarto Says:

    ehem… excuse me ma’am, what could be the possible nutrients that we can get from your almond and white chocolate macaroons. i know that there are nutrients coming form that almond and chocolate but the mere fact is, chocolate causes some face illnesses like pimples…
    but thank you because you had given me an idea of what can i do to innovate your product.. if you have any suggestions, you can e mail me.. thank you…!!

  4. Spencer @ Moo-Lolly-Bar Says:

    Looks absolutely lovely! I could eat all those in no time!

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