Bacco Pasticceria – now at the Queen Victoria Building!

Since Adriano Zumbo, Sydney has been in a bakery (and more specifically, macaron) state of frenzy.  It then surprised me that the new branch of the Bacco Pasticerria opened in quite a low key manner, in quite a low key spot at the top of QVB.  I can’t say that that upsets me too much, because this means that by lunchtime there is greater likelihood of a good variety of sweet things to choose from!  Bacco is a pasticerria and cafe and restaurant in one.

Beneath the stained glass arched entrance is a clear glass display of beautiful pieces of fine cake art.  It is soooo hard to choose from – tiramisus, mousse cake slices, gigantic macarons sandwiched with ganache, and their signature three texture chocolate mousse cake to name but a few..

They also have a good selection of family sized cakes, all too delicious to eat – topped with gorgeous strawberries, macarons and other jewels of adornment.   The style is less crazy, definitely not plain classic, each one a beautiful work of art that seems too good to ruin by eating.

What paticceria in Sydney would dare not offer a macaron. These chubby cuties sandwiched generously in ganache and irresstible in their pastel beauty.

I’d say that once word of this places gets around, there certainly won’t be many cakes for FoodieChat to photograph!  And the lady behind the counter was so nice, urging me to take piccies – unlike an unnamed new bakery in the Strand which haughtily said “we will be having professional photographers do our publicity”. Obviously unaware of the power of you guys, my readers! :)

If you can’t eat cake all the time, and let’s face it, breakfast is definitely offlimits, they also offer a selection of danishes, croissants and banana bread. OK, so still cake like, but everyone eats these ;)

If you have time to eat in, definitely definitely try their cafe menu.  The paninis and sandwiches are gorgeous, true to their Italian style, and very good value at $14 each.  Oh, and there’s also the amazing antipasti too.  I can definitely see this place becoming one of my regulars.  But maybe i shall have to force myself to take the stairs each time, just to make myself deserve that last bite of cake :)  Marie Antoinette would certainly feel at home here!

Just in time for the Sydney International Food Festival, Bacco is also offering high tea for $45 per person.

3 Responses to “Bacco Pasticceria – now at the Queen Victoria Building!”

  1. FoodieChat Says:

    Yyuuummmm I came back here for lunch today and had the chicken schnitzel panini. It was DELICIOUS – a very long baguette filled with 2 crispy strips (tempura style) – so tasty – with rocket, mayo and roma tomatoes. A bit tough to chew through the sourdough, but well worth it!

  2. ChoodieFat Says:

    I wanted the chicken schnitzel panini!! BoooHooo!

  3. Obesebaby Says:

    my favourite is the cappuchino tart

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