Bills’ Woollahra

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Bills is a Sydney institution.  It’s synonymous with the words “breakfast”, “brunch”, “ricotta hotcakes” and “corn fritters”.  In my pre-blog days where eating out was purely for enjoyment (without having to fight off hungry companions in order to get an un-eaten photo), I had already tried the hotcakes and fritters which are no doubt the best in Sydney.  Bills’ Woollahra is the third incarnation of the bills’ empire.  He is no longer limited to lunch and breakfast, but now opens also for dinner, has his own show on the Lifestyle Channel, a collection of books which reveal the secrets of his fresh ingredients, no fuss, organic approach to cooking, and now is endorsing toothpaste in his spare time!  It’s located in a corner building in an open courtyard and this area forms a fantastic little foodie nook with Simon Johnson nearby, and various patisseries and organic food stalls.   We had the scarmbled organic eggs with sourdough taost ($12.80) with mushrooms and aged cheddar ($3.80 each).

CIMG2324 (Small).JPGHave you ever seen such creamy silky eggs in your life!  Don’t know to know how much cream goes in it. Just eat it!  We also had the pan fried barramundi with a cucumber, pink gapefuit and mint salad, preserved lemon and sumac yoghurt ($28.50).  The huge fillet was not only moist and just perfectly cooked, but the salad added a refreshing bite with the yoghurt.  And always scores extra points – a larger than Sydney sized serve.  We tried also a fresh pistachio and strawberry muffin ($7.50), which really was the size of two muffins.  I understand what it’s trying to achieve, but really would have been nicer without the pistachios whole – as they were slightly soggy.

The strawberries which were whole also didn’t look that appetising as they were brown and shrivelled but still moist.  We finished off with the Coconut Bread ($5.80), toasted and served with lashings of butter and icing sugar.  It was deliciously moist with shredded coconut, and crunchy on the outside.  I later found the recipe on the Lifestyle Channel website. So, sorry Bill, I probably won’t order it again, because the RECIPE WORKS!

Here’s the link:

Total bill plus 10% Sunday surcharge and three diet cokes:$80. Lucky Centennial Park is nearby so you can walk it off!


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