Bourke St Bakery, Surry Hills

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This petite bakery – in size but definitely not clientele – is as well known by the locals lucky enough to live nearby as the foodies and other followers who have heard of this secret (including Kylie Kwong apparently).  Be prepared – there will be a queue.  But it moves extremely fast as people generally know what they want.  Happily, no one wanted to sit at one of the three tiny tables indoors just inside the window; and we grabbed those and watched the beautiful people pour in.  We tried the pizza ($8) – vegetarian, or proscuitto, which the staff offer to heat up for you.  It gave a glimpse of the bread that it is very well known for; and wasn’t heavy at all.  Of the many gourmet pies and sausage rolls, we tried the chicken pie ($4.50), filled with tender braised chicken and vegetables with a slighty touch of spice.

creme brulee tart.jpg   creme brulee tart (2).jpg

But as we horsed down our savouries what we really had our eye on was the patisserie treats, which today were two varieties of creme brulee tart ($3.80 each)- ginger creme brulee, or strawberry and vanilla.  The ginger tart was dotted with pistachios and the top crispy and wafer thin, enclosing the creamy smooth filling which was delicately infused with ginger.  The vanilla and strawberry one was slightly less set in the middle but had a lovely strawberry surprise in the bottom.

rhubarb tart.jpgAnd finally, the rhubarb and almond tart; or the quince tart beckoned in the window begging to be taken home to be enjoyed later.  The bakery has a set schedule of which breads are available when.  There is plenty of surrounding street parking.

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  1. chocolatesuze Says:

    heeey the afternoon tea at sofitel looks awesome! dude whats your email address? i cant find it anywhere on your website!

  2. Disco Says:

    Always an officious out of work actor/staff member barking directions at customers and throwing food into bags. It’s like they are all coming down from party drugs. Not dog friendly. Slow Service. Burnt Pastries. High Prices. Try and avoid it!

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