New York New York

CIMG0644.JPG I had high expectations of going on holidays and coming back a few pounds heavier, and had looked several guidebooks paying careful attention to the recommended restaurants and foodie places to hang out.  One place that was mentioned in almost all the guidebooks was Balthazar in Soho, New York.  It was even mentioned in last month’s Australian Gourmet Traveller magazine! A quick conference call with my New York colleague confirmed that it was indeed a popular place and that we needed to book three weeks in advance (and even then – not be guaranteed a table when you arrive – don’t even think about turning up without a reservation we hear!). 

So eagerly we arrived half an hour before our booking and surprisingly our table was ready anyway.  You may as well have stepped into a cafe/bistro smack in the middle of Paris.  Everything – from the waiters’ outfits (white long aprons), to the font on the menu; the wooden bistro chairs and of course, the food - would make you think are in France! I had the brioche frent toast with bacon (don’t ask about the savoury/sweet mix – apparently it’s common in America!); which was US$15.  2 thick slices of sweet toast with just the right amount of “egginess” was served dusted with icing sugar and topped with the bacon - which surprisingly wasn’t too oily; and not hard and dog-food chewy like most places in the US! My friend had the waffles with sour cream and berries – a huge serving, and if I was a coffee drinker, I would have loved to try the bowl cappucino.  Add an OJ for US$4.50; 8% tax; and 15% tip and you’ve just spent around A$33 on brunch! But hey, you got to eat at a place that’s popular with locals and celebrities - you never know your luck! 


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