Magnolia Bakery, New York

What would a trip to New York be without a trip to the famous Carrie Bradshaw hang out, The Magnolia Bakery?  (Sorry, I can’t type the name of the show – SATC -here lest I hit some unsavoury weblinks. You know what I mean!).  It’s in a very quiet street near Chelsea – kinda hard to find.  The shop is actually very unpretentious, with its chequered tiled floor, rustic feel and young urban staff.

The cupcakes sit in melamine boxes and you help yourself.  At US$1.75 each, it’s a very guilt free treat (well, on the hip pocket that is!).  Choose from chocolate or vanilla cupcakes with various sprinkles and 2cm thick layer of icing (not for the calorie conscious!!). You need to pre-order if you’re going to buy more than a dozen – but the best part is that you can choose your decorations!  If cupcakes aren’t to your liking; they also serve other desserts including cherry slice, banana bread; and coffee. There is only 1 little table though, so plan to take out. There’s a small park nearby where you can gobble up your cupcake without being watched by everyone!

I just actually bought the cookbook from the Magnolia Bakery from Amazon. It’s got the recipe for those famous cupcakes, as well as many other delectable traditional baked favourites such as peanut butter fudge cheesecake squares…. better hit the treadmill!

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  1. Cupcake girl Says:

    Totally agree about the Magnolia Bakery being a must do for any SATC fan. Sadly, the day that I did my SATC tour (weekend of New Years) the Magnolia Bakery was shut! Can you believe it! I did have a subsitute cupcake that was pretty good, but it left me wondering…

    Does anyone know of a Sydney bakery that could rival Magnolia Bakery?

  2. Foodie Says:

    Cupcakes on Pitt is pretty popular though I have never tried it myself. One place I do want to get to though is Babycakes, in Summer Hill. Or you could always try the David Jones foodhall. But somehow none still carry the glamour of eating pink cupcakes wearing Jimmy Choos in NYC!

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