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Tony Roma’s for Ribs

Sunday, May 21st, 2006

CIMG0123 (Small).JPGRib sampler. 3 types of pork ribs, 2 beef ribs, and your choice of side (chips, coleslaw, corn, mash, baked potato) for $29.95.  Personally I prefer pork ribs as they’re leaner and less sinewy. The chips are amazing and the serving sizes HUGE.  Novelty of restaurant – the bibs they offer you, which any self respecting businessperson shouldn’t refuse lest a drop of the juicy sauce land on your shirt! (more…)

I’m Angus – the KING of ribs

Sunday, May 21st, 2006

CIMG0135 (Small).JPG  CIMG0005 (Small).JPG

In search of the best ribs in Sydney… I have found them. Fred Flintstone, eat your heart out. I don’t know how big the beast was that these ribs came from, but it must have been HUGE.  Don’t wear tight trousers.

I’m Angus Steakhouse – King Street Wharf, Sydney

Outback Steakhouse, North Strathfield

Wednesday, April 26th, 2006

CIMG0058 (Small).JPG

 CIMG0059 (Small)1.JPG

Outback steakhouse does this onion which - if nothing else - should be admired for its aesthetics.  A bit oily in my opinion, but order it just to marvel at it!

Terrific finger licking good fall off the bone ribs.  Very reliable food it’s great every time. Although seeing my friends’ portions – the steaks may be a tad on the small side.   But that’s in comparison to my ribs – which I can barely finish!! Chips score – 10/10. Yum, love the herbs and spices on them, and they’re perfectly crunchy too.