Christmas Dinner

OK, stomach stretching exercise number two!  The family dinner for 7.  This consisted of a 3.8kg bird, a 2.9kg ham and a few sides.  First, the bird.  I know, we eat turkey every year.  But given that we only really eat it once a year, I think that’s fine!  This year, we tried the free range turkey, and I followed Tobie Puttock’s recipe.  Big fail!!  Here’s the prepared bird – stuffed inside and also under the skin. Eww, what a gross job, touching the dirty squishy thing!  First mistake was to rub the outside with butter – the bird burnt within the first 20 minutes when we were meant to have the oven on at 220! Lucky we checked it and foiled it.

The recipe called for 2 hrs in the title, 3 hrs in the body of the text, and the instructions on the turkey wrapper said 40-45mins per kg.  how confusing is that!  We also stuck in a thermometer for good measure.  But alas, it was so dry and overcooked. Sorry family :(

For sides this year, I bought my first ever baby carrots.  They weren’t that baby, but I thought they looked very sweet with their little tops still on.  The prices were quite variable – $3.80 at coles and $2 at the local greengrocer.   I used a very easy glaze – boiling them for 2 minutes and then dressing with a mix of golden syrup and olive oil and seasoning.

My one experimentation came in the form of Luke Nguyen’s Hanoi Crisp Parcels that I saw on Masterchef as well as Chef’s Christmas.  I was very worried that they wouldn’t fry up, as the skins are first soaked in water to reconstitute them, then wrapped with the raw filling and finally deep fried. I wondered how something wet would fry up, but thankfully, they worked!!! Yippee!! They did take a while though, but there were no explosions or burning or sogginess.  Phew.    They tasted absolutely DIVINE when wrapped with a perilla leaf and mint leaves and dipped in the nuam choc sauce.  A fantastic kinda DIY entree.

We love our prawn cutlets and calamari in our family, and along with the Hanoi crisp rolls, we had a very healthy entree platter ;)

OK, some grilled veges as the token greens :)

I guess a bit of everything isn’t tooooo bad right? hehehe.  When a bit of everything happens a few times over a number of days, it all adds up to a bit of a gut!

And finally, the other main was a glazed ham.  If you search “glazed ham”, or “Christmas ham” you will find endless recipes involving a combination of orange juice, maple syrup, mustard, marmalade – but mostly requiring cloves.  Take your pick really!  We chose a maple, orange and mustard glaze.  I think the ham turned out quite pretty :)  And I continue to enjoy omelettes, ham and cheese sandwiches and pasta.

And a decadent dessert to finish. Creme brulee made with real vanilla beans!  And the mandatory ferrero Christmas tree.   Moderation? that’s for wusses ;)

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  1. chocolatesuze Says:

    zomg your ham looks so awesome! happy new year dude!

  2. FoodieChat Says:

    Yeah it was yum Suze! What did you cook? Bet it was a food fest too! :)

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