Eastwood Garden Peking Restaurant

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This is my second trip to this restaurant in Sydney’s inner/north/west whatever. The first time was for my friend Bec’s hen’s night (same Bec who took me to the amazing Dadong Beijing Duck restaurant in China!), where we feasted on course after course of Shanghai specialties.   Tonight was just a quiet dinner for two; and we feasted on handmade noodles with pickled vegetables and shredded pork. A huge mound of slippery al dente noodles came to our table, stir fried with plenty of bean shoots, and shredded pork.  The pork was quite fatty, but the noodles were surprisingly not too oily at all! Could have done with a bit more salted vegetable – because I love them – but at $8.80 you can’t complain too much!  The noodles were brilliant with the chilli oil I asked for too.  Then came my favourite dumplings of all time – wartip – or pot stickers as they are also known. These are crescent shaped dumplings wrapped with pork mince (and sometimes some vegetables), and then pan fried and steamed until the meat and pastry is cooked, and the bottoms crunchy.  They’re served bottoms up so they remain crunchy. We got 10 for $8.80. Bargain.

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Friend’s choice was more pork – in the form of pork and vegetable steamed buns. They cost $4 and came with 2. We had no idea what to expect, but when the steamer basket came with two plump buns in there, steamed on a bed of spinach, we grabbed and devoured.  There was also a pork ball in there, and the bun wrapping was slightly sweet.  I enjoyed it very much, and felt healthier than the wartips as they aren’t fried.  Sadly, alone for dessert, I ordered the mango pudding. Surprisingly, there was fresh mango at the bottom, and not the canned slimy variety that’s half dead and should have been destined for the bin. At $3.50, it brought our total bill to a whopping $25.10 for 2 people.  Gosh, better save up for this one ;)   I’ll be SURE to come back to try everything else on the menu.  Shredded beef strips and salt and pepper calamari were droolworthy as the waiters brought them past.  Next time – my waistline says.

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  1. mushiejc Says:

    hey! nice bloggie and food pics. will be sure to try these out on my next trip back to sydney!

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