Grandma’s Bar – Cocktails on Clarence St Sydney!

Oooohhh the mysterious pop up bars!  Here one day, gone the next!  In the case of Grandma’s Bar, I didn’t know it was here – but I sure do hope it’s not gone any time soon!  One thing that contributes to its discreet entry into the Sydney bar scene is that it is actually in a basement on a street not so known for its food and beverage offerings, especially since Becasse disappeared off it!  Grandma’s Bar’s website describes itself is retro-sexual – what’s that?!  Well we were soon to find out.  Going down the stairs, not knowing what to expect we found this very cool little and I do mean little – exposed brick retro fitted drinking space.  At 5pm on Friday, it already had a formidably sized crowd, but we were lucky to get a seat opposite the bar so we could see all the flashy drinks coming across.  Opening up the menu it was exactly what I wanted that Friday – cocktails cocktails cocktails!!  A mini menu booklet full of delicious drinks.  One page of beer and one page of snacks.  Wow, the staff were Sooooo friendly and EAGER to give advice! None of your usual mean model waitresses here.  I wanted something sweet and blended, so I went for a cocktail that was like a mango colada. Sorry I forgot its name :(  But it was $16 and very nice.  Not sickly sweet either.

Here’s another umm… cocktail? hehehe.  Also $16.  Very refreshing and dry as requested I was told.  Cool glasses huh??

The only two food offerings were jaffles:  $7.50 each and served on these gorgeous grandma style plates – vegetarian one with cheese, tomato, basil;

Or a cup of curried nuts – $4.

Compulsory deco – the deer head on your way down! hehehe

See you every Friday at Grandma’s! ;)

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