Hint of the Day

Pesto freezes :)

And furthermore – you can substitute walnuts with the pine nuts and I can’t really notice the difference.

Yay! No more basil wastage ever! :)

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  1. cathy x. Says:

    that is a handy hint! thank god for that :P i have bushels of basil growing like crazy out in the garden that i can’t get through fast enough!

  2. FoodieChat Says:

    Hi Cathy!

    Another great way to use basil up is to make chilli basil chicken stirfry! This is the recipe I use from SBS food safari:
    Also, don’t forget, it’s winter soon (well, in Aust anyway!), and a huge batch of slow cooked spag bol with delicious fresh basil can be frozen in single serves, or even better still – in a handy lasagne! :)


  3. FoodieChat Says:

    Oh, and one more thing – you just have to defrost it on your kitchen bench or counter until it’s soft again :)

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