Hurricanes Grill

I must admit I’ve heard mixed reviews about Hurricanes, and hence it’s taken me so long to get there.  Mostly bad wraps about the service. But the only reason I can think of why that is, is that this place is SO POPULAR!!  Several times we’ve tried to rock up on various nights, only to find already big crowds waiting over drinks for a table, no doubt working up a huge appetite in the meantime!  Hurricanes is best known for its ribs, and they did not disappoint.  At only $33 for a full rack of pork ribs with your choice of baked potato or chips,


or the same price for lamb ribs:


you are guaranteed a long silence over dinner as your party licks their fingers and sucks the juicy saucy goodness out of those ribs.  Bibs are free of course! And so were the fireworks that night as we sat on the balcony overlooking Cockle Bay at the Darling Harbour restaurant – warm with the outdoor heaters enough for winter!   For those who can’t decide, the ribs and steak combo ($39) offers a 250g steak and a half rack.


For the accountants among us, we decided that it was actually better value if you wanted the chicken and ribs combo, to order a half chicken ($26) as well as a full rack ($33) and share between two than to order the combo for $39!The half chicken we chose was peri peri style – very juicy and not dry like dodgy corner shop rotisseries.


We couldn’t quite fit in anything more than the creamy mash potato side – $8 for a generous serve, as we then reclined and flopped out our enlarged stomachs over our drinks. 


As for the things I heard about the service – not true!  Our waitresses were extremely attentive and friendly, and we were not rushed out despite the hoards of waiting people outside.  Best ribs in Sydney?  You betcha!

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