Japanese in New York

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Beef rolls.jpgOh yummy yum.  New York’s trendy Upper East side is packed with brilliant delis, trendy bars, amazing Italian - and authentic Japanese!  My friend Viv took me to this intimate local restaurant, in the middle of a popular dining strip where you can’t walk two steps without tripping over a cafe or restaurant that you make a mental note to come back and try!   We had the rainbow roll (US$9.50) – delicate tempura prawn sushi rolls done inside out style, and rolled in roe and black sesame.  Unlike most versions of it, the prawns were light and crispy on the outside, and not embalmed in batter that could cover a dagwood dog. 

Bite sized and delicious, and very hard to share!  The spicy ramen with fillet steak was delicious, albeit slightly expensive at US$16.50 a bowl.  Big big basin full…. be hungry before you come.  The beef rolls were slightly chewy – I think it was topside steak, and not the best I’ve had, but okay.  They encased shallots and were drizzled with teriyaki sauce.  Add tax and tip… that’s US$50 for 3 dishes. Ouch! (in Aussie dollars at least!).  Let me ask my friend for the name… :)

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