Lecture by Ferran Adria in Sydney

I’m so happy to have scored tickets to see Ferran Adria speak at a Good Food Month event in Sydney!! In case you haven’t heard, he runs the most famous restaurant in the world called El Bulli, in Spain.  He is heralded as the father of molecular gastronomy – basically using scientic methods to change the way food is presented, and making tastes into new and exciting and surprising forms.

Getting a reservation is near impossible – they take bookings only once a year according to Gourmet Traveller, and it is recommended that you put your name on the waiting list, book a two week holiday in Spain and leave your mobile on, ready to go if you are lucky enough to get a call!

But if not, and if you can’t afford the >€300 cost for a meal, you could buy his books, with the latest one to be released in October, and come to his talks in Sydney or Melbourne. Tickets from Ticketmaster on sale now – $40 talk only, or $75 for the talk and the book. Which is a bargain compared to the cost of eating his food ;)

If you don’t know what he’s about, here are some articles by SMH:



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  1. cink Says:

    ill be expecting some explosive dishes weeks after the lecture (no pun intended) =p

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