Masterchef has STARTED!! :)

OK, oracles, place your predictions here for your guess of who’ll make it top 2! And second question – who you WANT to win it!   Here’s mine:  I’m gonna say Billy Law for sure in the top 2 – what final would be complete without a foodie Asian? :)  Go Poh and Adam! :)    I’m gonna say Adam Bowen too, and Hayden as contenders.  Go on, what’s your guess? :)

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  1. Els Says:

    Currently going for Michael Weldon and i’m going to say Adam Bowen and Alana Lowes as close contenders! :P

    Altho i love the positive energies coming from Cleo Kerameas and Danielle Dixon and would love seeing them go far.

    Disappointed Nick Kulakoff didn’t make it!!! :(

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