More Dumplings

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In search of dumplings in China, the journey finally ended when our trip almost did.  Upon the hotel concierge’s recommendation, we found this restaurant (without a map or address or language skills – just that it was near a KFC – very helpful!) that was remarkably cheap, and did sell the steamed pork buns (above left) that I had travelled across the Asia for.  Alas, I must have built it up in my own mind, as they weren’t as delicious as I expected :( The meat was too hard and compacted, although the pastry was great and al dente.  At one of the touristy traditional markets, towards the end of the trip, I was game enough to try the street hawker food – against the advice of every travel advisory!  I saw everyone holding these baby little bamboo steamers filled with a jumbo dumpling, with straws stuck into them.  For 11 Yuan (although the sign said 10 Yuan and originally I thought the lady was refusing to give me one), you got a pork soup dumpling.  Suck the (hot!) soup through the straw, then attack the meat filled dumpling with your chopsticks. Later I thought perhaps the 1 Yuan was a deposit for the baby steamer – but I turfed it anyway. Yum. And in case you’re wondering, no I didn’t get sick!

3 Responses to “More Dumplings”

  1. Mel Says:

    Yummy!! You’re making me salivate :)
    Great blog, it’s nice to see you delight in the food you eat! Mel

  2. Peich Says:

    Ohh I love these soup dumplings!! The are the best!

  3. FoodieChat Says:

    Hi Peich! Sounds like you’re a seasoned hawker food eater hehehe ;) It’s so weird drinking soup through a straw whilst balancing a pair of chopsticks as well! :)

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