Random thoughts: Potatoes

Thank you to Dr Atkins for introducing this staple food into my “naughty food” category in life, along with pasta, bread and rice. Oh how I long for the taste of white bread again! Especially guilt free. Is Turkish bread white?  Anyway, let’s not steal the spud’s thunder.  On this rare occasion where I buy one – and the smallest one available, what should I do with it (as opposed to the days where I used to buy a bag of them!).  Mash? Too fatty.  Bubble and squeak.  Home made chips? No, hate deep frying. Oven fries? Umm.. doesn’t taste the same! Gratin? Not with just one potato! My sister Rebecca used to dice them up, deep fry them, and sprinkle with chicken salt, my #1 potato flavour enhancer!  Which begs the question – where do you get the best hot chips from? Let me know.  I find that at any steak or ribs joint you can’t go wrong. KFC or Maccas? KFC gets my vote! (Especially with the chicken salt). Enough from me. I’m sure that potato in my fridge will turn green by the time I decide.

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