Tony Roma’s for Ribs, Sydney

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My second visit to this heavenly ribs joint – I knew how to prepare: starve beforehand.  This time I was advised to specialise – rather than getting the confused ribs platter, and to have the baby back ribs which are promised to be extra tender and also leaner – sounds good to me.  Again, corn on the cob – a full cob probably tipped me over the “very full” line – and again the chips were good.  The ribs were as promised, however I could not live up to my claims and had to give up eating the last few in the full slab.

ribscombo.jpgThe coconut prawns and ribs combo came with five battered prawns and a half slab, with the potato side missing the toppings oops. The prime rib steak was cooked a little overdone, but the potato with bacon, sour cream, cheese and spring onions was a meal in itself!  The waiter kinda hovered and asked us several times if we wanted to order – Sydney also has a no bookings policy, so I guess they wanted to churn… but no complaints they didn’t kick us out and the place did get full very quickly!

 Definitely coming back for more! 121 Sussex Street, Sydney


4 Responses to “Tony Roma’s for Ribs, Sydney”

  1. Nige Says:

    Mmm… To be honest – i’ve been to Toma Roma’s a few times and generally been unimpressed. The ribs kind of taste (and have the texture) as if they’d been deep-fried. My vote is for Hurricanes :)

  2. Foodie Says:

    Hi Nige! I have been told that Hurricanes is amazing! I’ve been wanting to go! But only if I have stomach capacity to eat a side of beast? What do you recommend? I also want to try the Meat and Wine Co. Have you been? :)

  3. Nige Says:

    Naah – you don’t need to be a HUGE eater to appreciate Hurricanes… Personally, I’m fond of the Full Rack of ribs (but make sure you specific pork only, otherwise you end up with half of lamb, and half of pork)…. Alternatively, the Steak & Rib combo is pretty darn nice (again, pork only)….

    M&W Co? Haven’t tried them… But (after doing a quick bit of surfing) since they’re based in Darling Harbour, I’m thinking a rude amount of the cost would be in the lease rather than the food….

  4. Juliet Says:

    Meat & Wine Co. – ok – a nice steak – one of those menus though with too much going on in (Asian, South African, Lebanese) – can a steak restaurant really do ALL this well?

    Anyway if it is a GREAT (or should I say mindblowing) steak you are after try Prime at GPO in Martin Place – I have never had a meal (or 3) like it…

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