Ripples cafe, milson’s point

A beautiful day, a beautiful view and beautiful people – Ripples Cafe has undoubtedly one of the best views in the world, nestled beneath the Sydney Harbour Bridge, with unbroken views of the harbour and Sydney Opera House framed beneath the bridge.  A gorgeous day for Sunday brunch,  I was looking forward to kicking back and enjoying watching the ferries and the world go by.  We were slightly puzzled as staff saw us, but didn’t hurry to bring us in.  A smile seemed to help and we were seated and offered drinks.  The meals are priced upwards of $10, but reasonable at below $20.  After a some time deciding, we settled on the corn and zucchini fritters; omelette with chorizo, and apple and rhubarb pancakes.

fritters.jpg.jpg  omelette.jpg.jpg

The fritters weren’t what I expected – not fluffy or thick as Bills’ corn fritters are.  Three per serve came with crispy delicious bacon, and drizzled generously with basil pesto, and topped with zesty dressed rocket leaves, with a dollop of avocado salsa ($14) – quite yummy.  The hash brown ($5.50) on the side (or in this case, on a plate on the food :P ) was homemade and not as satisfying as the deep fried version – and also comes in a full size at $12.90 with black pudding (yuck).  The open spanish omelette with chorizo, smoked mozarella and pesto (more pesto!) at $14 was generous and chocka block full of yummy chorizo. The cheese was a bit overpowering for me and I couldn’t taste much egg, but otherwise, a very satisfying meal.

sausages.jpg.jpg  pancakes.jpg

The side of sausages (‘pino’s english breakfast sausages’) were 3 for $5, but the real highlight for me was the apple hotcakes, rhubarb compote and cinnamon creme fraiche.  I’m dreaming still of the cinnamon flavoured fluffy clouds laced with finely grated granny smith apple – two perfectly formed thick flapjacks so soft and dreamy… I must stop thinking about them now because I probably never will taste them again :( The reason why? Well you can check out eatability (, because the comments about the service are entirely true, and I left feeling very very belittled and upset that such a perfect meal with perfect view was ruined by the maitre’d's methods of coffee.jpg.jpgseeking payment and kicking you out… so much so that my test that they could put my half drunk coffee in a take away cup for me if they wanted me to leave so badly was obliged! (Without even giving me a fresh one nor apology!). Verdict: go if you have thick skin and don’t care about service…and if you love pancakes… :(


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  1. Steve Says:

    Yes, unfortunately the staff were not one of the “beautiful people”. At least we had a great day regardless of the poor service. Nice blog & great photos…mmm chorizo :P

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