CIMG1919.JPG About half an hour’s drive out of San Francisco, across the famous Golden Gate Bridge, is a quaint little seaside village called Tiberon.  It is a sleepy and relaxed collection of cafes, boutiques and low key restaurants nestled amongst some very expensive real estate.  We tried this gorgeous little French patisseries/boulangerie that had a constant trickle of bike riders stopping for a takeaway shake or coffee.  It was a gorgeous day, and our seats near the huge windows allowed the cool ocean breeze to come in.I had the omelette with mushroom, ham and onion. Instead of the french cut potatoes, it instead came with some delicious tropical fruits and berries.  My guilty diet-alert conscience convinced my stomach that this was a good thing.  Some problems with ordering and very slow service soured our experience, but for me, food rules.  Companions had poached eggs – which were very very undercooked – but we didn’t bother sending it back as they had originally sent fried eggs first by mistake. However, the vegetarian foccaccia was very much enjoyed.  A great place to sit and relax with the morning paper – followed by some light exercise (shopping) afterwards.   Walking outside, you get a good view of the city and also of the ferries coming in from town.

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