Tijuana, Mexico

CIMG1853.JPGIt seems like the compulsory day trip for anyone who goes to LA is to take the bus down to Tijuana, Mexico.  I was warned “it may be boring”, but as I said I have never been there. I insisted. Silly me, listen to your elders!! Having had lunch at 11am… we were dropped off a it’s one shopping strip – each shop pretty much the same. Hassled to come in, to have a look at porcelain figurines, pleather, and other nick nacks you’ll wish you didn’t spend your money on. 

Lunch was at an open, breezy restaurant, quite nice. I had the sampler plate, which came with a beef taco, a burrito, refried beans, and a deep fried chilli.  In Mexico they dont’ actually use minced meat in their tacos. It’s shredded meat, but filled with the same lettuce, tomato and salsa. Nothing extraordinary about the burrito, but the chilli was actually stuffed with cheese and coasted in breadcrumbs, and was in my inexperienced opinion – yuck.  There was also a ladle of refried beans, and some rice to go with it. Not bad for US$6.50!  Everywhere you go in Mexico, you get a complimentary basket of home made corn chips, and housemade salsa, which was delightfully fresh and had a wonderful twang of fresh birds eye chillis and coriander.

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