Tre Pesci, Drummoyne

My friend Annie highly recommends this restaurant and I have been wanting to try it for ages.  A quick check of restaurant review websites came back with surprisingly mostly good reports – and I am pleased to add my own to them!  It’s on the main street at Victoria Road, on the corner, and the ambience would be romantic and cosy – well that is, if we weren’t banished to the neon-lit, cold back tables near the kitchen! :(   Danny the host came and apologised that it was because we’re young and not whingy that he had to give the better tables in the heated front section to the oldies… not that we were given a choice, and we had also booked too!  Suspiciously, later tables were also escorted to the front when challenging the back tables!  Anyway – now to the food. Great value!! We had the garlic prawns ($17) – fresh king prawns in a thick sauce of tomatoes, basil, white wine and plenty of garlic.  I was upset that I wasn’t told that the pastas are in fact HUGE and main sized – so I ended up having the equivalent of two mains and therefore missed out on dessert! But hey. I’m not one to criticise value for money.  

Garlic prawns.jpg  Penne.jpg

The penne with calamari was a huge serve – tangy with capers, cubed potatoes and tender calamari strips – sssoooooo filling at $19 – warning: do not order pastas as entrees unless you are sharing!!

Marinara.jpg  Barramundi.jpg

The strozzapreti di mare ($19) had to be had as spaghetti as the strozzapreti had run out.  A bit bland – some salt fixed the problem, and I enjoyed the tender fish, king prawns, mussels, calamari and octopus interwined with the neapolitan sauce (a bit oily).   And finally, the barramundi – another man sized portion – cooked perfectly tender, on a bed of vegetable caponata ($19) with capsicum, eggplant, zucchini – still with some bite – but a bit watery near the bottom (not sure why).  All in all, a fantastic place to eat – just make sure you are hungry! I wish I could report on the desserts too – but alas – next time.  You would do well to do a lap of the drummoyne bay run to work off your dinner afterwards!

Tre Pesci – 105 Victoria Road, Drummoyne

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