Triple Chocolate Masterchef tart

tart 1.jpg

OK so Masterchef has finished, all this free time now without TV to watch- what better to do than to test out the recipes! First up, the Aria chocolate tart.  I didn’t bother with the macarons, the sorbet or the chocolate glacage slick, but the tart seemed appealing enough.  So.. as you can see, my first attempt wasn’t exactly Masterchef quality, but it was ssooooo nice.  I made the mistake of lifting it off the tray before it had set, so I disturbed the top setting. And also you can see where I patched up the pastry which actually was quite crumbly. You do need to flour the board well to roll.

tart 2.jpg

Definitely key tips are to let the pastry rest in the tin. And also, I halved the dough recipe and made one third of the filling recipe, which was enough for one tart and three mini tarts.  Cut with a heated knife to get a good edge.  Delicious strawberries! The recipe is found here:

3 Responses to “Triple Chocolate Masterchef tart”

  1. Linda Says:

    oh wow i love your attempt.. I can just imagine that this cake would be a diabetics worst nightmare

  2. Katherine Says:

    For a first attempt I think you did an awesome job. I would have stuffed it up. I want a piece for myself now.. Masterchef rocks.. I cant wait till its back on..

  3. FoodieChat Says:

    Thanks girls! It’s not that hard I’m sure you could give it a go! Definitely the best tip is to rest the pastry in the fridge before AND after you roll it out! :) Love your blogs too by the way!

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