Wilton’s cupcake holder

Cupcake holder.jpgCupcake craze has officially swept the world, thanks to the favoured baby cakes of those four New York girls on THAT TV show.  So where can you get one of these cupcake holders?  I was lucky enough to be given one as a gift from my American aunt- they are much cheaper in the states than here as they are imported.  But if you don’t have a visiting American relative, then try Peter’s of Kensington (which sells larger ones), or specialty cake stores and wholesalers.  Amazon.com also has some but I found it difficult locating one that would ship to Australia.  They’re quite cute but only if you have more room for things you use once in a blue moon!  Or if you’re trying for one for a special occasion, my friend Robyn constructed her own tiered display by baking her own cupcakes using mudcake mix, and decorating with royal icing, then strategically arranging two tiers of cupcakes on 2 cake boards, held together by cake pillars, and finally baking a small mudcake as the top tier of her wedding cake.  It was delightful and looked fantastic.

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