Winter desserts

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Some not so fresh strawberries in my fridge were begging to be given a second chance – a chance which manifest in Bill Granger’s strawberry souffle found in last week’s good living.  I halved the recipe with no trouble at all, and filled the ramekins to the brim – and then some.  Seventeen minutes later – woah!! These pink mushroom looking souffles emerged from the oven – so high I’m surprised they didn’t fall over!  It was a great recipe – easy peasy – but I realised I don’t like souffle! Oh well.  It’s like pavlova but without the crust – but the strawberry flavour was wonderful.

Oh well, onto the second dessert – an apple and rhubarb crumble.  I’ve made crumble before, but never cooked with rhubarb due to all those warnings of the leaves being poisonous – I sure didn’t want to kill someone or myself with a dessert! So, mustering my guts, I bought some leaf-less rhubarb, and crossed my fingers and chopped. Hmm. I realised that it wasn’t really necessary to cook the filling on the stove AND the oven because the rhubarb kinda dissolved into the apple.  Nevertheless – not bad. I’ll know for next time!

Bills’ souffle recipe can be found on the Sydney Morning Herald website here:

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