Birthday Cupcakes!

cupcake.jpg  choc cupcake.jpg

I thought I could let my birthday pass without anyone from work knowing or at least making a fuss about it, but the girls at work managed to surprise me and made my birthday even more special! They managed to sneak in some cupcakes from a bakery until I walked to the fridge for some milk and saw these cupcakes, and… surprise! I was so touched!  Who can resist pink iced cupcakes, perfectly smooth drizzled with white chocolate over the buttery dense base; or these devilishly delicious chocolate chip and nut cupcakes with dark chocolate ganache,

Cheesecake 1.jpg  cheesecake 2.jpg

Or these deceptively healthy looking (I assure you, they are not!) blackberry baked cheesecakes…. and finally, tangy lemon baked cheesecakes!! As if I hadn’t indulged enough already (other birthday blogs to come)…. but cupcakes really are so extra special :) Thanks for the sweet surprise girls! :)

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