Christmas presents I bought for ME!

This year, Santa (myself) was very good at picking up great gifts that will just keep on giving.  Just arrived in the post, I got the New Larousse Gastronomique. A food encyclopaedia that rivals none other. It’s revised every few years and the 2009 edition comes beautifully boxed and hardcovered, weighing in at over 2kgs – it is in the league of Ferran Adria’s cooking manuals and other Phaidon Press anthologies! I can’t wait to dig into it!

I also bought myself the Veggie Twister:—Vegetable—Nut-Tools/Veggie-Twister.html

King of Knives is selling it the cheapest. Dare you trick your kids with carrot spaghetti??

And also I FINALLY found a mini petit four madeline tin from Pantry in Bondi Junction, as well as some crinkled cookie cutters. I can’t wait to get baking once work finishes it.

What’s for Christmas dinner this year? Not sure yet, will definitely include some barbequed king prawn skewers, and turkey, but not sure what else. Really need to get my act together. Perhaps for the family do, I will make macarons or chicken wings?

Anyway, whatever you doing, whatever you are eating, make sure you have a safe, WONDERFUL and holy Christmas.


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