Foodie TV

With the start of the new year there are whole host of food related programmes to drool over!  Most anticipated for me is Top Chef New York (Season 5) – which looks extra fiesty, and with very good looking people; and American Iron Chef!! Both are on Foxtel – Fox8 and Lifestyle Food respectively.  Sadly I have to park myself at someone else’s TV to catch the latter – but from the ads I can’t seem to work out if Jamie Oliver is the challenger or the Iron Chef! all will be revealed tonight at 8:30pm. 

As for Top Chef – last season was a very close call between molecular gastronomic perfectionist Richard Blaze (my personal favourite to win) and Stephanie – the refreshing person who’s actually nice to everyone and not a backstabber! 

Locally – they will be starting a version of Masterchef. Quick – entries close on the 9th of January!  Register here:

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