Home Made Caramel Popcorn recipe

Winter is soon upon us which means for me at least, extra kegs :(   So I’ve tried to stop buying snacks.  The problem is – my proficiency at cooking means that even if  I don’t buy junk, I know how to make it – arrggh!  And so my intentions of having corn kernals to pop for a low fat snack, have been thwarted as I googled “caramel popcorn”.  *sigh*.  With but 4 ingredients (sugar, butter, honey and popcorn) a.k.a. calories, fat, calories and carbs, you can turn what could have been a healthy snack into well I guess a  home made non-processed snack.  Here’s the result:

Best eaten the day it’s made and best eaten with friends so you don’t scoff the lot!  Here’s the recipe too:


Quick and easy and dirt cheap too.  If only it could also be fat free!

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