Portugese at Costa Do Sol

Sydney’s little Portugal is located in Petersham.  Good food, great prices and friendly (often family run) services!  I’ve been to Sweet Belem for apparently the best (and freshest) Portugese tarts in Sydney.   There’s also a food festival annually where the streets are closed and stall holders sell all manners of food including the specialty, salt cod cakes.    Costa Do Sol was the first restaurant I tried.  We had: Lulas Panadas (Calamari Rings) $9; Ameijoas a bolhao pato (Clams in Olive Oil, garlic & Coriander) $15, Chourico Assado (Chargrilled portuguese sausage) $11.  

CIMG0140 (Small).JPG 

For mains – Espetada De Frango (chicken skewer) $17 and Espeta a costa do sol (char grilled lean beef skewer) $19 – both served with salad, rice and fried potato cubes. 


And to finish – Creme Caramel. They ran out of portugese tarts again so be sure to order ahead (despite my doing so anyway!). 


The clams were tasty, with the fresh bread great for mopping up the juices. A tad on the salty side, it was a generous sized serve.  The Portugese sausage is like chorizo sausage – however, instead of lumps of fat – instead there were lumps of ham! Delicious and nutritious!  The skewers are an impressive main – coming out on sword like sticks, hung up on a stand at your table, with butter dripping down onto the plate at the bottom.  This is a fantastic venue for a group dinner – with plenty of street parking, and lively enough to still be intimate.

77 New Canterbury Road, Petersham, NSW (02) 9569-2319 *also in the entertainment book!

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