Tea Ceremony Chinese Style


One night on our holiday we were booked in to see the Peking Opera in Beijing.  As we sat down, we were delighted with the most death defying tea pouring ceremony, where a man dressed in traditional silk outfit came with a copper teapot with a 1 metre long, skinny spout!  He did a few twists and turns which involved swinging the teapot, twirling it like a baton and resting the spout over his shoulder from various angles, with the pot an arm’s length away!  I guess this had the effect of steeping the tea, in the same way Aussies would do a billy can.  The tea was fantastic. I didn’t have a single bad cup of tea the whole trip (can’t say the same about my meals though!).  The tea was served in a 3 piece set which had a saucer, the cup (no handle) and a lid, which my father said was to slide over just enough to allow you to sip it, but to keep the leaves inside to flavour the water and out of your mouth.  Try not to walk behind him as he does it lest you have your eye poked out!

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    White with two sugars thanks!!!

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