Top Chef Miami (Season 3) – FOXTEL – Arena 8:30pm Wednesday

My new FAVOURITE reality TV show (and there are just SO many out there) is Top Chef.  It’s not really like “The f Word” because the contestants are professionals with their own restaurants and accomplishments. It’s not like Hell’s Kitchen either for the same reason, and they don’t do a dinner service.  This show is classy, exciting and makes you really appreciate the magic that chefs can pull.

It starts off with a quickfire challenge. A half hour super fast task, such as “create a meal with $10 on groceries within 20 mins with 10 minutes shopping time in only one aisle of the supermarket”.  Or a relay of chopping 5 jumbo onions, segmenting 4 chickens, shucking 1 doz oysters.  one person wins immunity, and then follows a longer challenge, for example “cook hor d’ouevres for 60 people with a $350 budget” – basically a themed meal with a shopping budget.

Anyway, I don’t have any friends who watch this and I am dying to discuss it every week, hoping someone out there also watches it (please dont’ spoil the ending for me!!! :) ) and have a chat here!

I really hope Howie gets voted off.  Hung pales in comparison in terms of evil scumminess! I bought the cookbook off Amazon – trying not to open it as it will spoil the end for me! :)

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