Dumpling Dinner – Xian

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16 course dumpling dinner. A$20 (160 Yuan) each gets you 1 each of 16 different types of dumplings.  Course number one – pan fried (open) dumplings with pork and shallots.  Yum. Number 2 – clear pumpkin dumplings. A bit weird because of its sweetness – I couldn’t tell whether it’s meant to be dessert or savoury! But looked great with their clear skins.

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Four coloured siu mai and fried rice dumplings (in the shape of money bags) came next.

CIMG2928 (Small).JPG  And the most interesting looking novelty one – the walnut dumplings. It was filled with meat and crushed walnuts. Not my favourite as teh walnut was slightly bitter against the savoury meat and skin, and the textures clashed – crunchy vs chewy.



CIMG2927 (Small) (2)1.JPG  Green dumplings included chicken ones (Foreground) and leaf shaped ones.  By this stage, our waitress stopped announcing what they were and just put the steamer down and watched as 10 pairs of chopsticks dived in.  Well I guess $20 isn’t too bad, but 16 dumplings for dinner wasn’t exactly a feast (and we needed our insulation for the freezing weather!).  At the entrance to the shop they have a spread of “demonstration” dumplings which included pigs, fish shaped ones, porcupines and locusts which weren’t included in our menu.

I was slightly disappointed that only one of them was fried, and none of them were the traditional pan fried ones (wartip) or siu leong bau (steamed buns) that I usually get in Sydney. Oh well, maybe it’s because it’s Westernised Chinese food! 

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