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Every year for the Sydney Festival, I like to try one of the Fast Festival Feasts where you get a main course and a glass of wine for $25.  This year, Wildfire, at the Overseas Passenger Terminal was the choice; where we had kingfish, with one scallop tortellini and romesco sauce. Great sauce, but sadly I think the fish had seen better days and was ready before our 6pm arrival.  Nevermind, we moved onto dessert.  A very interesting looking dessert menu, we decided upon the doughnut box, and the nougatine souffle, both $18.  The donut box was in fact 6 mini donut holes, which come with 3 test tubes and pipettes of sauce – raspberry, white chocolate, and chocolate, which you squeeze and inject into the donuts!  The donuts are covered in sugar and cinnamon and set in a pretty box with a shot glass of caramel and chocolate mousse.  Not too sweet which was good.

The souffle was the chef’s choice and was a good balance of light and airy whilst actually having a bit of substance – usually I find souffles like eating a cloud of nothing.  It came with a chocolate crackle type thing on top of an ice cream segment; and the same shot glass with a chocolate cigar in it.

Unfortunately, the Sapphire Princess had docked and so rudely interrupted what would have been a great view of the Opera House.  Next time I want to try their wood fired churrasco – $69 per person for all you can eat meat and a great view to boot. 

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  1. Andrew Says:

    They look excellent. I can reccomend the all you can eat wood fired churrasco. maybe not every week, but at least once a year or so.

  2. FoodieChat Says:

    Hi Andrew!
    The churrasco craze certainly has taken off! Have you been to Braza at Leichardt? Really good feed – for half the price of Wildfire ($38). Last time I went, I counted at least 11 different things… then I stopped counting because it made me feel like a guts!

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