Caffe di Stefano: Brand new Coffee Warehouse Cafe & Deli, Homebush

Hot off the press!!!! Coffee Warehouse Cafe & Deli (CWCD for short) has JUST opened TODAY!!!  Driving by this site formerly a motorcycle shop, I was soooo excited to see that it was a proposed coffee ROASTER, warehouse, cafe and providore – 4 in 1 of my favourite things!!! Many a time I drove by, wistfully waiting for opening day.  I thought that day approached when I saw the ad in Seek for the head chef. But alas, more days passed before the paper went up behind the glass facade and then such a tease – the “opening soon” sign!!  And FINALLY this day has come! I saw movement there last week and called up Caffe di Stefano and said they were opening today. I made sure I was there.  It was definitely a low key opening – only locals in the know would find out about it! Just a bunch of balloons at the entrance, and signs of life, as opposed to most of the surrounding Parramatta Road area which is derelict!  The first sight you see is the pizza bar – wood fired of course.  Serving as a takeaway, and provider of freshly baked super thinly authentic pizzas for the restaurant.

The restaurant itself is a wide open warehouse space on ground level, and a mezzanine level.  A number of very large communal tables made of polished timber are surrounded by trendy stainless steel chairs.  A bar runs along the length of the window for gazing out into the street – or for me to sit and read my paper as I intend to, every single weekend for the rest of my life ;)  There are also tables of four as well.  Well , not time to eat yet – so I browsed around the shop.  It wasn’t so huge, but the offerings were quality.  Fresh italian crusty bread in every shape you would need for your weekend gourmet table, and at VERY reasonable prices.

The deli has a wide variety of salumi and other meats, as well as anti pasti.  Judging by the hooks above it, I am guessing that some lovely legs of proscuitto may soon arrive :)

Some yummy meat to go?

And for cheese buffs – there is also a climate and humidity controlled room!!!!  Two in fact!  I think they are still to stock, it is opening day after all :)

And its unique drawcard – the roasting facility.  Shiny, spanking new in red, and enclosed in a glass room for all to watch.  If you want to make your own blend, you can – if you want 50kgs minimum that is!

I had lunch plans… but gee it certainly was hard to resist the sweets on offer there :(  they looked so fresh they might as well have come from nonna’s oven that day.  Tick to resisting temptation :)

Although I did have to have a drink.  What’s the point of going to a coffee roaster and warehouse if I don’t sample their namesake? :)  I had a skim mocha. It was only $3.50.  And believe me, it was GOOD.   So smooth down your throat and not harsh or bitter or burnt at all like some coffees!

Well, I had had a taste.  I wanted more. So I went back that night for dessert! :)  First up – skim hot choc.  Not bad.  But i asked for more chocolate as it tasted of warm milk.

For dessert – the most inexpensive creme brulee ever – only $8!   Perfect sugary crust, and served generously with four slices of fresh made biscotti.   Sorry that the custard still didn’t beat my gold standard of best ever creme brulee (the Sheraton on the Park buffet one) – but hey, it’s opening day!   There’s still time to perfect it!

I looked longingly at the plates of pizza and pasta going by – sad that I had had dinner already :(  But…. sad no more, because as I lifted my eyes, this giant mamma of a plate came at me! Wow!!!  Italian waffles, the special – only $9!!!  TWO waffles served with hazelnut gelato and whipped cream.

But wait – there’s more – sandwiched between them were two further scoops of gelato – chocolate and Italian vanilla!  Where in town do you get even just 3 scoops of gelato for that price, let alone waffles!!!  I was informed by the manager that the waffles are made by an Italian lady daily.   Let me say that the chocolate gelato was to die for.  It was dark and rich and I could say that it was probably made with the best quality chocolate money could buy.

This place has so much promise.  I really look forward to trying more things and keeping you up to date! :)

7 Responses to “Caffe di Stefano: Brand new Coffee Warehouse Cafe & Deli, Homebush”

  1. bygone Says:


  2. closeby Says:

    The best thing is I’m only a 5 min walk away! Finally great coffee is within walking distance… now I don’t need the Nespresso anymore.

  3. coffee lover Says:

    Went with friends for lunch who had been before. Some had raved about it, others didn’t. My experience, well, the coffee was so-so, the food & presentation ordinary & service which left a lot to be desired.
    Would I go there again- not sure, there are plenty of good cafes in the area with better coffee, food & service.
    Thumbs down from me!

  4. suni Says:

    Great coffee’ very poor service,my order went to another table what I had order replaced with different prosciutto…..

  5. Di Says:

    Have eaten here and stopped by for coffee a few times now. I have always received prompt, friendly service and find the portion sizes generous- check out the “all you can eat ribs” night on Wednesdays!
    A bit disappointed with the cheese selection from the deli but love all the sweets, italian biscuits on offer

  6. brian Says:

    we went to on Wednesday for unlimitted ribs special and was great food aand service ,i had 4 serves of the ribs for only $25.oo,really good ,i will back there sometime

  7. Rowan Says:

    Visited for the first time today and anticipated a good experience. We received no smile, no greeting, no warmth or common courtesy from the front of the house upon ordering. Hence, we decided to leave and visited Cafe Migliore, whose staff valued our patronage by being both friendly and professional. We returned to Di Stefano’s later to lodge a constructive and civilised complaint only to discover that the lack of respect and common courtesy came from the manager. He said he was having a bad day. We forgive him but our first experience at Di Stefano’s was certainly not a good one, and would recommend that you go to a cafe where your business is appreciated every time and there is consistency with regards to service and professionalism.

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