Lindt Cafe, Martin Place Sydney

Lindt cafe delice.JPGThe first ever Lindt Cafe in the world opened in Sydney’s Martin Place two years ago, and sees a regular stream of chocolate lovers come in for their hot chocolate (which you mix yourself from melted chocolate and milk), handmade chocolates, and indulgent cakes, and even Lindt ice cream! Recently, they replaced their take away sandwiches with these “delice”ous chocolate filled macaroons called “Lindt delice”.  These are strawberry ones, and they really are delightful – just enough chewy-ness in the macaroon, and the filling that holds them together is not solid but not too gooey either. They’re $1.75 each take away, or $4 for 2 to eat in.  Other flavours include coffee, pistachio, caramel and 70% cocoa.  The lindt chocolate single serve cakes are slightly exxy at approximately $9.50 each, with some $5 brownies and friands.  The hot chocolate is $4.50 and comes with enough milk and chocolate for around 3 cups, so sit back and enjoy the aroma of having a real hot chocolate – and you may as well enjoy it with full cream milk, because let’s face it, it won’t make that much difference anyway :)   If you’re a total chocoholic, have a go at one of the 1kg cooking slabs, or grab some Lindor balls or handmade truffles to take away… but I guarantee it’ll be a hard choice to make! :)

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