Jordons Seafood Restaurant, Darling Harbour

Seafood.jpgUndoubtedly the most impressive seafood platter in Sydney, with great views to go with it.  For $132, you can feast on seafood whilst watching the sunset over the city skyline and over Cockle Bay.  And I’m not the only person snapping away on my camera, as the seafood platter makes its way to every table – often more than one of them!  Easily feeding two with no room for dessert, every oceanic creature man has a taste for is in front of you on two levels, leaving you wondering how you will attack it and whether your stomach can indeed fit so much in.  Well my strategy was firstly to eat some of the ten oysters (which for an extra $8 were prepared kilpatrick – sorry can’t eat raw guts :( ) before they got cold, then some of the whole lobster tail – so that I can still enjoy the tender meat before I’m too full to appreciate it.  Next, one of the two tandoori prawns while it was still hot. Same for the bbq octopus.

CIMG3468 (Small).JPGThe two beer battered fish fillets were crispy on the outside, with fresh silky flesh inside, only needed a squeeze of lemon juice and a sprinkle of salt.  Well the half dozen prawns on skewers didn’t tempt me much, so left it to dad… same with the bowl of cooked mussels.  Loosening my belt, I attacked one of the two blue swimmer crabs – the flesh easily coming out of the shell without needing a pick, tasting of the sea as it should.  And finishing it off with one or two thick cut chips.  *Groan*. I didn’t feel like dad pulled his weight on the platter… especially since he has one thing I lack – self control to stop eating when I’m hungry!!CIMG3466 (Small).JPGThe wok steamed mussels ($29.5) – “spicy thai style black mussels tossed with fresh cooked ditali pasta” are presented in a full size wok filled with black mussels in a spicy thai broth, brimming with garlic, chillis, coriander and ginger.  It’s great to dunk bread into the remaining liquid, or to even sneak in some lobster from the seafood platter to soak up the juices ;) . The grilled barramundi fillet ($35.5) with sauteed potato, roasted garlic and almond sauce was just cooked,  on a bed of spinach and potatoes, and was a generous serve – and no complaints of fishiness. 

My only gripe was when we ordered a serve of garlic bread ($4 for 2 slices) the waiter took the liberty of bringing it for the table.  And watch out for the weekend surcharge though! But do come whilst the weather is good and the evenings late and sit back and enjoy seafood and sunset.

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