Nick’s Bar and Grill – Meat and Seafood Fest!

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Keep and eye out for this occasional special deal at Nick’s Bondi Beach Pavillion. For the measly price of $18 per person, you get unlimited platters of meat and seafood! “Meat” being tender grilled steak, chorizo sausage, mediterranean lamb skewers (I personally don’t eat lamb but my companions assure me it’s tender and full of flavour), succulent fall-off-the-bone ribs, and amazing grilled chicken. ”Seafood” means prawn cutlets which were good though slightly on the oily side, calamari rings (commercially produced), as well as battered fish of the day. The batter was light and crisp, and the fish tender and juicy. 

The service at this beachfront restaurant is responsive and friendly. Great for groups and for a casual good (big) feed. Not for dates – you don’t want to look like a carnivorous beast in front of your dream date do you? I’d definitely go again – when I recover from this one!

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