Bar Biscotti for Brunch, North Strathfield

This place is hard for me to get to as my usual brunch day is Sunday, and Bar Biscotti is closed on Sundays – thereby handing all the Sunday gym/shopper business to its rival, Cafe Zenja.  However on a rainy Saturday my usual plans were put aside and we gave it a go.

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A popular choice is the Big Biscotti (breakfast(, which comes with a beef sausage, bacon strip, half a grilled tomato, two eggs of your choice, hash brown and toast ($16.50).  It comes with EITHER a coffee or juice, not both (as the menu says).  Strangely, the two omelettes that were ordered came out quite differently. The vegetarian one with capsicum, spinach and parmesan looked a cheesy heaven.  Suggestion to go without the mushrooms on the side. You get 3/4 of a mushroom for $2! :P     Sadly, the omelettes didn’t come with bread either. It’s $1 for 1 slice or $2 for 2.

omelletteyuck.jpg  eggsbenedict.jpg 

The ham omelette (just ham, that’s right) had a heap of processed sliced ham folded in the middle rather than cooked into it, and it had a very unimpressive sprinkling of dried herbs which added nothing to it. ($8.50). The side of turkish bread ordered was barely toasted :(   However, the salmon benedict looked as good as it tastes – eggs poached perfectly, sauce perfect consistency with fresh smoked salmon and spinach on english muffins.  The service struggles to cope – just 1 waittress barely coping with all the variations available in each meal (toast? sides? egg cooking method, beverage etc), and a few trips were made to the kitchen, but having said that, service is nice. :) Bar Biscotti - Bakehouse quarter, George Street, North Strathfield 

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  1. Julez Says:

    Bar biscotti

  2. Romeo valetino Says:

    Me and my wife had breakfast at bar biscotti last Saturday and were very dissapointed, being a regular finds this cafe going downhill. Where is the old chef who was consistant in there cooking gone? The poached eggs on the eggs benny were hard poached and bacon under cooked.
    The coffees were slow and took there time to arrive to the table and were very bitter tasting. The waitress seemed to not know what she was doing and took our meals to the wrong table at first only to find our big biscotti had the hash brown missing! Pick up the pace bar biscotti.

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