Home-made Smoothies

Ever since Boost came onto the scene, closely followed by Pulp and many others, Sydney became swept into healthy drink fever.  Smoothies are refreshing on a cool day, and also are a great meal replacement as they are so filling! But then I decided to delve into the nutritional information of these drinks after a tip off from a newspaper article and discovered these may contain as many calories as a high sugared soft drink!  And no wonder why.  They are made with fruit juice, fruit and frozen yoghurt or sorbet with no fresh milk in sight.  So that was the end of those drinks for me. Admittedly, some of these chains have introduced drinks with some milk component, but before that I already discovered my own trick of making a more nutritious and lower calorie version which is equally as delicious (and much cheaper!!).I think what makes these new age smoothies yummier is that they are thick and more like a thickshake consistency due to the large scoops of frozen yoghurt.  What I did was take out the fruit juice – the fruit is enough to give flavour, and also added fresh yoghurt.

So I would use around 200mL of skim milk; a few chunks of mango or half a banana; and a few spoons of frozen berries; and three large tablespoons of FRESH yoghurt that is low cal.  Add three ice cubes to thicken; and ONE small scoop of frozen yoghurt if you want it even thicker. Whiz and voila!

Recently, I discovered an even better trick to get rid of the high calorie frozen yoghurt altogether! Freeze your fresh yoghurt in a handy zip lock bag in individual serves with your berries.  It saves even more time in the morning, because all you have to do is rip open the bag, and pour in the  milk and pulse and whizz – so you don’t need ice even!  And it is even thicker in consistency! (if that’s what you like) It’s great in summer with all the wonderful fruits available to freeze some – chopped up mango, strawberries, bananas.  Home made smoothies always at hand and great for people like me who hate milk!

What are your favourite smoothie flavours/recipes? :)

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  1. Monica Says:

    Yum! I LOVE smoothies and milkshakes.
    Here is a smoothie recipe I use for 2 large servings:
    - 3 scoops of ice cream
    - a punnet of strawberries
    - a punnet of raspberries
    - 2 glasses of milk
    - a few dollops of yoghurt

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