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Thanh Binh Cabramatta

Sunday, December 10th, 2006

07-10-06_1210.jpgI LOVE DIY fresh spring rolls. I love them even when they’re not DIY.  DIY just means there’s more time for me to salivate as I create each thick log of goodness and therefore horsing down 10 of them before you know it.  And the best place I’ve come across to eat them (apart from my friend Lily’s place) is Thanh Binh.  I order the grilled pork ones – 4 skewers of tasty marinated pork sprinkled with toasted peanuts (allergy alert!); vermicelli pancakes; and a basket of fresh herbs and veges – cucumber strips, vietnamese mint, basil and other leaves, lettuce, bean sprouts, and of course, the all important wraps which you hydrate yourself at the table.  (more…)