Handy Hints

  • When lemons are in season, slice a couple up and put in a container in the freezer – you will always have slices on hand to add a lemony twist to a cold drink.
  • Freeze leftover coconut milk or tomato paste in your ice cube tray and place into freezer bags to ensure there’s no wastage. Same goes for lemon juice.
  • Before cooking – especially baking – measure out all your ingredients first. That way, you won’t get stuck in my situation where at 11pm at night, the day before the last day of work, I realised I had no sugar to make the brownies as presents for my colleagues! If you can’t be bothered doing that, at least lay out all the packets/tins in front of you first!
  • When beating eggwhites, make sure your bowl is bone dry! Use a metal bowl or glass bowl for this purpose.  Put it in the fridge beforehand.
  • Herbs that freeze well: Kaffir lime leaves, fresh chillis, lemongrass, sliced and peeled ginger, and curry paste. So Asian’s the way to go if you haven’t planned!