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Lindt Cafe, Martin Place Sydney

Wednesday, February 28th, 2007

Lindt cafe delice.JPGThe first ever Lindt Cafe in the world opened in Sydney’s Martin Place two years ago, and sees a regular stream of chocolate lovers come in for their hot chocolate (which you mix yourself from melted chocolate and milk), handmade chocolates, and indulgent cakes, and even Lindt ice cream! Recently, they replaced their take away sandwiches with these “delice”ous chocolate filled macaroons called “Lindt delice”.  (more…)

Summer Fruit Salad

Tuesday, February 27th, 2007

Fruit salad.jpgWho says healthy can’t be delicious and exotic?  I made the most of the last of the season’s tropical fruit by assembling a fresh fruit salad with a special tip from Jamie Oliver.  The secret is to add fresh mint.  I saw him do it on a show by bashing mint leaves up with sugar in a mortar and pestle, but I think that’s just a bit too much work first thing in the morning and way too much physical activity! (more…)

Encasa, Pitt St, Sydney

Monday, February 26th, 2007

I’ve got to admit I was just a tiny bit skeptical that a place that offered Spanish and pizza and pasta would be authentic. Besides, all the Spanish restaurants are meant to be on Liverpool Street, not down near Chinatown. Anyway, it was a hen’s night and I had no choice.  I’m pleased to report that in addition to the best Chinese food in Sydney, Haymarket (a.k.a Chinatown) also offers exceptional Spanish food.   The restaurant catered really well to large groups - which comprised almost half the place on a busy Saturday night.  We opted for the $32 tapas menu, which included all your favourites (except where was the calamari?) 

CIMG3480 (Small).JPG  CIMG3494 (Small).JPG

The food came very quickly in succession such that we were clearing room in between quick forkfuls of food.  First off the rank was a salad with crumbled feta, marinated roast capsicum and lettuce.  Then came my favourite off all time – Chorizo a la Plancha (grilled Spanish sausage). Oh dear. Only in looking at this close up shot did I see the fatty bits – but blindly eating, it was DIVINE. Crispy and tasty and plenty of it.

CIMG3482 (Small).JPG  CIMG3483 (Small).JPG

Next came the Patatas Bravas (fried potato with garlic mayonnaise and spicy tomato salsa). Unfortunately, I had only one cube of potato as that gross white substance had touched every other piece. I was told that they were delicious though, despite my prejudice.  Oh well, bring on the Champinones al Ajillo – garlic mushrooms – and don’t plan on having a pash afterwards.  They were very tasty and moist, and not overcooked either.

CIMG3484 (Small).JPG  CIMG3485 (Small).JPG

The garlic pizza came, with tomato dressing. Crispy crust and a good thickness, which would indicate that these guys could do a great pizza too.  But my attention quickly diverted to the sevillanas (prawns in spicy tomato). They came bubbling to the table – slightly dangerous, but so so fresh, and a great chilli bite at the end (too spicy for some on my table though).  There were 8 per serve.

CIMG3487 (Small).JPG  CIMG3488 (Small).JPG (more…)

Bills’ Woollahra

Saturday, February 24th, 2007

CIMG2322 (Small).JPG   CIMG2323 (Small).JPG

Bills is a Sydney institution.  It’s synonymous with the words “breakfast”, “brunch”, “ricotta hotcakes” and “corn fritters”.  In my pre-blog days where eating out was purely for enjoyment (without having to fight off hungry companions in order to get an un-eaten photo), I had already tried the hotcakes and fritters which are no doubt the best in Sydney.  Bills’ Woollahra is the third incarnation of the bills’ empire.  (more…)