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Merry Christmas!!!

Thursday, December 25th, 2008

What did you get in your stocking?  I got a new Zyliss food preparation thingo – I’ve used it twice. very scared that I might slice off my fingers, and the few slices that do come out perfect worked well; but the zucchini got hacked up from the safety guard. Hmm… will give it a couple more chances but may have to be returned that one!

I also got the new Stephanie Reynaud cook book calle Ripailles. It’s a French anthology with recipes classified into chapters such as offal; game; as well as the usual pork, lamb, desserts, etc. As my friend said “it’s great – it’s got pictures, recipes and music”!! No kidding!  it’s got a divine soft cover and if you look carefully, you can get it for $55 instead of the RRP of $90. :)   I tried the creme caramel recipe. Too bad the top caramel didn’t work, but the custard was fine.   Don’t think I will be trying pheasant anytime soon though!