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Home made bagels

Monday, June 4th, 2012

These boiled circles of bread have been on my “to do” list for a number of years – I have a VERY long to do list by the way, which is why it’s taken me this long to do it.  But having seen Alice do it on Masterchef, I thought hey maybe today’s the day.  I have to admit… i didn’t start off well – the bread mix I had was 7 months past its use by date, and the yeast was 3 YEARS past (LOL – shows how often I make bread ;) ).  But you might know that once you’re committed, you’re committed, and I thought too bad it’ll have to do.  I tested the yeast to see if it activated (frothed) in the warm sugar water mix – it did – so I took that as the go ahead.

I used this recipe:

As I didn’t obey the instructions fully where it said to not use ALL the flour, I did – and as a result, the dough was quite dry.  I thought – great… this ain’t going to work, and I was pessimisstic the whole time.  Nevertheless, I kept kneading for the full ten minutes – great upper body workout – and the dough gradually became softer and more malleable – but still not soft like bread dough should be.  I attributed this to the fact that I’ve never made bagels before, and also to the fact that I didn’t follow the instructions and used old yeast.  Well, put it in a warm spot to rise – it didn’t rise much, and at the punch down stage, it was still very solid :(

Still wasn’t looking good, but hey , this far down, might as well continue.  I had fun making the hole  - spinning it around a wooden spoon – and let it rise a bit more – which it sort of did.  The moment of truth came when it came time to boil the bagels. I always wondered how on earth that worked – they kinda just floated to the top and still felt hard.

Drained, sprinkled with sesame and poppy seed, they went into the oven.

Not really caring, I went back to check – WOW!!!  They WORKED!! I was ssooooo amazed that they grew!!!!  I tapped the bottom – hollow – awesome!!!!

The moment of truth – I cut it in half and the texture was also akin to the ones I’ve had in the shops. SO happy :)

And yes, they tasted amazing too. Will definitely become part of my repertoire!!  Give it a go guys!  I cut them in half and froze them and I can confirm they’re still good toasted :)

Heirloom tomato

Tuesday, April 3rd, 2012

Truth be known that I am in a bit of a gardening/heirloom vegetable phase, and finally – the heirloom tomato I grew was large enough and ripe enough to pick!

I have to admi, the yield was small – the one large heirloom tomato and two small roma ones, plus a few basil leaves the caterpillars rejected:

But each one super tasty, lovingly tended, and absolutely beautiful. Here’s the yellow one served with the basil and some caramelised balsamic and olive oil.   Amazing.

Homemade Tonkotsu Ramen soup

Thursday, July 21st, 2011

It sure has been a wet and cold winter.  Every year it seems colder than the previous. I guess I have a fish memory after all – maybe that’s a good thing! But it also seems summer and tropical fruit and salads were yonks ago.   What I look forward to on a freezing cold night after work is hot soup.  My friend Jo stumbled upon a recipe for DIY tonkotsu (ie pork bone) soup.  This site shows you, step by step, how to turn pork bones and water into a delicious mouth stickingly amazing stock which is then transformed into a ramen soup delight.  So here’s the site:

And here is my result – pretty yum, but not like the photos, oh well.

What went well?  Well, the site was right, you do need to purge the blood and veins out – oh GOSH it was DISGUSTING!!!!  The water was pink and then I had to get scissors and cut off the yuck blood clots too eww eww eww.  So anyway, then you get a new pot of water and then boil the bones. Boil them into absolute smitherines!  Like this is what I ended up with after 4 hours (sorry I wasn’t committed enough for the full 15 hours specified on the site hahaha).

And the strained soup.  Amazing, it did turn whiteish!! All this just from bones and water!

To come up with the final dish, I added miso paste to flavour, soy, white pepper, sesame oil and salt to taste.  I served the soup with some blanched fresh ramen noodles, and topped with a soft boiled egg, seaweed and corn.   I guarantee a warm and snuggly feeling after having a huge bowl of this… although I must also say… a bit of a belly from all that delicious soup!

Home made “Kentucky” Hot and Spicy hahaha

Sunday, June 26th, 2011

On a recent trip to Cabramatta, I was intrigued to find a Malaysian version of a home made KFC style mix.  I LOVE KFC so I just had to try it.  Half a bottle of oil wasted to fry it, and I wasn’t that happy with the result.  It looks okay though, taste was fine, but more akin to a spicy version of the original recipe – ie it wasn’t crispy hot and spicy. And a word of warning…. don’t inhale when handling the dry mix – atchoo!!!

Here is my finished product and the packet if you’re interested!