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Sugar Hit!

Thursday, October 12th, 2006

CIMG2025.JPG I look forward to this event every year as part of Sydney Morning Herald’s “Good Food Month”.  At the Sofitel Wentworth (left), you can enjoy a tasting plate of chocolate indulgence – white chocoliate creme brulee, Valrhona bitter chocolate parfait and a berry and milk chocolate terrine.  (more…)


Tuesday, October 10th, 2006

CIMG1919.JPG About half an hour’s drive out of San Francisco, across the famous Golden Gate Bridge, is a quaint little seaside village called Tiberon.  It is a sleepy and relaxed collection of cafes, boutiques and low key restaurants nestled amongst some very expensive real estate.  We tried this gorgeous little French patisseries/boulangerie that had a constant trickle of bike riders stopping for a takeaway shake or coffee.  It was a gorgeous day, and our seats near the huge windows allowed the cool ocean breeze to come in. (more…)

New York gourmet shopping

Thursday, October 5th, 2006


Keep walking around 15-20minutes until you hit the Chelsea Markets.  A former factory has been converted into a strip of gourmet wholesale and retail food stores and cafes.  You’ll find some interesting produce including a plethora of exotic mushrooms including lobster mushrooms, fresh porcini (a bargain at US$26.50 per pound! gulp..); as well as donut peaches; baby sweet pineapples; fresh white asparagus and some gorgeous bakeries and homeware stores.   (more…)

New York New York

Thursday, October 5th, 2006

CIMG0644.JPG I had high expectations of going on holidays and coming back a few pounds heavier, and had looked several guidebooks paying careful attention to the recommended restaurants and foodie places to hang out.  One place that was mentioned in almost all the guidebooks was Balthazar in Soho, New York.  It was even mentioned in last month’s Australian Gourmet Traveller magazine! A quick conference call with my New York colleague confirmed that it was indeed a popular place and that we needed to book three weeks in advance (and even then – not be guaranteed a table when you arrive – don’t even think about turning up without a reservation we hear!).