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Cupcake Cake

Sunday, March 23rd, 2008

cupcakes.jpgI made this cupcake “cake” for my sister Ashley’s birthday using 21 cupcakes (Nigella Lawson’s “How to be a domestic Goddess” recipe).  I stood my 13-cupcake Wilton holder on top of a foil covered pizza tray, with 13 on the stand and 9 on the bottom in alternating colours: lime green with silver cachous, and pink icing with glass-like sprinkles.  The white roses are my first (and potentially last) attempt at sugar paste flowers; and I used some rose leaves wound around the cupcake holder to fill up the gap.  To ice the cupcakes, I used a star shaped nozzle and twirled it around – and careful to sprinkle on the decorations before it dries.  I then carried the cupcakes to the venue inside the muffin tray they were baked in.  And finally – decorate with candles.  Happy birthday Ashley (and Chris!).