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Julie and Julia

Sunday, October 25th, 2009

I really feel that I must warn you about this film.  I know this is not a movie review site, but since the movie theme is food, I figure it’s close enough!  I actually had no expectations. I knew it was about a girl (Julie) played by Amy Adams cooking through a French cookbook by Julia Childs (played by Meryl Streep) and blogging about the results, so I also had some sympathy for the plot.  My problem was Meryl Streep’s VOICE!!!  She spoke in the most fake Dame Edna voice in the entire movie!! It was shrill and ANNOYING!!! Maybe that’s how Julia Childs spoke in real life. But if you don’t like Dame Edna for 2 hours, don’t see it. The food being shown in the film was good, but not enough of it.  “No Reservations” is better in that regard.  It was such a long movie too. There was a bit in the movie about her sister which was completely unrelated too.  Consider yourself warned.  But if I were to cook through a cookbook, wonder which one it would be…. I would have so much difficulty eating some of the stuff like offal and things poached in pure butter though, as Julie finds herself also getting a bit tubby. 

Guillaume at Bennelong

Friday, October 23rd, 2009

When asked what is my favourite restaurant, there’s so many categories – favourite what – casual? Formal? Quick dinner?  Outdoor? Cheap?  Well, Bennelong is definitely one of my favourites in the fine dining category.  OK, so it’s not the type of restaurant you can go to everyday, but with their pre-theatre menu, you certainly can go more often than otherwise. It’s $75 for 3 courses, or $65 for two.  Well my sister was generous enough to take me for my birthday (well, I kinda asked if she could hehehe ;) ) as I’d only eaten there once before (work paid) and I LOVED it. I’m also a big fan of Guillaume and his classic French, his precision cooking and just general yumminess (that’s a technical blogger’s term ;) ).  OK, so sometimes it’s really embarrassing to take photos at a posh restaurant, so I did my best with my meal.  First of the rank – the scallops with jerusalem artichoke puree and fried garlic.   Pause.  Relishing the memory. AMAZING. Melt in your mouth scallops, creamy rich puree, delicious sauce.  This entree was certainly generous in proportion and even more fabulous in flavour.

bennelong 1.jpg

Feeling almost full, I chose the crispy skinned barramundi for my main. It was VERY generous proportion as well (see – the $75 is SO worth it!), and topped with fried leeks, and Guillaume’s famous mash, with fresh peas and exotic mushrooms. 

bennelong 2.jpg

Dessert was either sorbets, or warm apple crumble – served in its copper baking dish topped with vanilla bean ice cream,

bennelong 3.jpg

or my choice – the trio of creme brulees (I found the coffee one seriously strong though) with 3 petite madelines for dunking.

bennelong 4.jpg

One of my most favourite things about Bennelong is the petit fours that come with coffee.  As if you could squeeze in another bite, you get to squeeze in four bites:  Dark chocolate tart, grapefruit jelly, salted caramel and pistachio macaron.  Topped with a sensational harbourview, there really is no better way to enjoy a Sydney evening.


These restaurant deals are one of the best things about the credit crunch. Take advantage of them while they last!

Food Etiquette

Tuesday, October 13th, 2009

Funny article in today’s Good Living, I certainly agree with more than a few of them!! I do love Yum Cha though..

Top 10 Superfoods

Thursday, October 8th, 2009

Sydney Morning Herald wrote about ten superfoods you should cram into your day if possible:

This week so far I’ve had blueberries (fresh – they’re in season and very well priced at $4 at Harris Farm and Woolllies this week), lentils (in soup), broccoli in stir fries and barley in my soup too. Not bad!